Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016


Johnson Fung
Mathias Vogel


Since 2001, the ADAA (Adobe Design Achievement Awards) has established itself as a global digital media competition for student creators. Connected to industry professionals, academic leaders, and top brands, the ADAA aims to launch the next generation of student careers. The objective for the ADAA 2016 program was to provide a visual identity through the use of a poster and a key visual image for the main landing page of the ADAA website.

With the ADAA presenting itself as a free competition, applicants from all across the globe are encouraged to present their creativity. An opportune moment to become the hub for the application of diverse and creative works and styles, was the driving benefactor to the visual language and design. The goals of the execution in design was to emote a sense of celebratory and convivial visual that welcomed and encouraged the idea of a student award system.