Political Auteur
Cinematic Authority


Brad Bartlett


In the world of film, a theory that has been debated since the 1940’s, an auteur has been perceived as a filmmaker, director, whose individual style brings a film to life — expressing their thoughts and feelings about a subject matter as a well as a worldview. With the rise and recognition in the Korean film industry, many directors have established themselves as auteurs, pushing boundaries in the world of filmmaking.

Ethics, morals, and values. Everything is relative and dependent upon how we consider and view what is right and what is wrong, what is truth or what is falsehood. But so is the content that we are being shown. These ideas were explored in the manifestation of this book, through the lens of Korean political and historical struggles that continue to take place in Korean society since the 1960’s. Images and messages throughout the book are expansions in the Korean auteurs utilization of cinematography to help society to have a think about the political struggles of the controversial truths between good and evil.