Sound Art Catalogue


Stephen Serrato


2015 ADAA Pint Communication Winner

2015 ADAA Special Designation Typography Winner

Gallery—the World' best graphics magazine Vol. 37

Behance Editorial served

ArtCenter Student Gallery


Sound Art is a contemporary art movement, where the medium of Sound Art can be expressed through: film, motion, interaction, installation, painting, music, architecture, and more. It is an art form that appropriates different media, becoming a recognized art movement present day.

The concept of this catalogue was visualizing sound. The use of a black page represents the idea of one's 'closed eyes', while a white page represents 'opened eyes'. Seeing sound derives from feeling sound, which became the core cultivation of a Sound Art perspective for this project. The use of black and white is used to depict light and space, while type is used to represent different forms of sound and sound waves.